What is Lagom?

Lagom is the philosophy of Sweden and it's ours.  Although there is no direct translation to English, Lagom can be summed up as "enough" or "just the right amount".  Therefore, we want you on the Lagom amount of medication.

Project Lagom

We want ZERO patients over-medicated patients and ZERO patients addicted to narcotic prescriptions.


Convenient, Affordable, Honest Service

We are an honest, friendly pharmacy that fills your prescriptions quickly and conveniently.  You will receive personal, detailed service that is second to none and focus on your health instead of tricky up-sells that you get at the big box pharmacies.  

Our Founder

Kirk heil, Doctor of pharmacy

Kirk heil, Doctor of pharmacy

Our founder, Kirk Heil, earned his Doctorate in Pharmacy from Drake University at the age of just 23.  One day, he woke up and decided that he wanted to dramatically transform the idea of your local pharmacy forever.  Kirk has designed Lagom to be a fun, convenient place for customers to get quality, convenient service while getting healthy.  

Pharmacy and Supplement Integration

The first time your pharmacist meets you, a plan will be laid out for you to get on the Lagom amount of medications. Dr. Kirk Heil, our pharmacist, has special training in exercise pharmacology and neuropharmacolgy.  He not only understands your health conditions better than your typical community pharmacist, he has experience in following through with your physicians entire health plan, instead of just counting your pills for you.


Pharmacy and Genetic Integration

The wrong diet can cause disease and change the way medications work.  In addition, your genetic makeup can change your ability to process or absorb essential nutrients thus changing the effectiveness and need for prescription medications.    Based on your medication and genetic results, the pharmacist will act as a guide to your supplement use all free of charge.  

Lagom is the first pharmacy in the world to offer genetic testing to customize diet, medication and supplement use.  In addition, Lagom customers looking for an even more detailed approach receive special discounts with our nutrition partners at Nutri.ly


A Pharmacy for Athletes and Weekend Warriors

Big box retail pharmacy employees and chain vitamin shop staffs lack the training and education to optimize nutrient and medication intake to keep athletes on the field performing at the highest level.  We make sure all of our supplements conform with anti-doping rules.