we believe every american deserves a better pharmacy

We are looking for pharmacists for future locations as we strive to be the best pharmacy in the world.  If you have a moral obligation to provide your patients with a pharmacy that actually improves health, inquire today.  Not only will you change patients' lives everyday, you will dramatically change your purpose as a pharmacist.  No junk food, no cigarettes, no booze--just the services to make your patients healthier.  We want to move LagomRx from Main St. to Wall St. and dramatically transform the idea of pharmacy to the consumer creating longer, less medicated lives.  Less is more.  Live LagomRx.

Are you a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, nutritionist or other health improving professional that seeks to lead change in clients lives?  Putting you in a setting such as LagomRx gives you direct access to the 85% of Americans who do not exercise-those only directed to a pill for everything.  Change your purpose and help pharmacy patients live LagomRx.