Lagom is a Swedish term that has no direct translation to English but can be best described as "not too much, not too little" or "just enough".  We are LagomRx because we do not want to find every way to get you on a medication like a traditional pharmacy.  We only  want you to be on just enough medication.  You will not find donuts, potato chips candy, booze or cigarettes like a traditional pharmacy.  Instead you will only find the goods and people who want to make you healthier.



Kirk Heil, PharmD

Kirk Heil, has been working in the field of community practice pharmacy for more than 10 years.  At the age of just 23, Kirk earned his Doctorate in Pharmacy from Drake University.  He  worked his way up the corporate ladder leading to management positions by the age of 26.  In the process he came to the realization that he would never have the resources in traditional retail pharmacy to help his patients become healthy.  Today, his next challenge is to:

"Dramatically transform retail pharmacy by creating a healthier, less medicated patient."  

Kirk holds additional training in exercise physiology, diabetic care, immunizations and custom prescription compounding.



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